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Valles Accountants is a premier boutique accountancy firm. Led by Greg Valles, our accountants in Sydney leverage 35 years of experience to drive the results that keep our clients coming back for more.

Ranging from small businesses to individuals of high net worth, many of our client relations date back over many years and decades, reflecting the quality of the work we do for them.

Contact Valles accountants in Sydney for a holistic approach to your finances. Let’s uncover opportunities to grow your wealth and plan for a successful future.

Our Accounting Services in Sydney

Valles Accountants in Sydney have the depth of experience and specialised expertise to create the best wealth management strategies for you.

We’re the accounting firm in Sydney that combines accounting expertise with exceptional customer service, creating a winning formula for servicing our clients.

Small Business Accounting

With a professional accountant in Sydney by your side, you can plan on the most tax-efficient path forward for your business – relieving your tax burdens so you can grow to your full potential.

Tax can fall heavy on small businesses that are in their growth phase. The Australian government has recognised this and there are many tax concessions in place that you can take advantage of, to reduce your tax obligations.

However, it often takes a qualified tax accountant in Sydney to apply these concessions in the best way. Valles Accountants in Sydney can guide you on which concessions are applicable and how best to use them.

Tax planning is essential for the success of any wealth management, investment strategy or other plans for your financial future. We are the tax accountants in Sydney CBD to make your dreams for the future come true.

Personal Accountant Sydney

Just like going to a doctor to consult about your health, when you need to audit the health of your personal finances, you need the services of a personal accountant in Sydney.

A client is never just another number to us. Our accountants in Sydney take the time to understand your context, so that we can create the best tax plan possible for your business – your roadmap for the future.

Our personal accountants in Sydney can assist you with tax documentation and preparation, tax planning for tax efficiency, management consulting, cryptocurrency tax implications, will and estate planning, and more.

Valles Accounting firm in Sydney can create wealth management and tax efficiency strategies that cover your superannuation, wills for succession and estate, cryptocurrency investing, and much more.

Cryptocurrency & Tax

If you are stepping into the world of cryptocurrency investing, having a qualified professional accountant at your side is essential for your investment strategy success.

At the same time, the Valles accountants in Sydney draw on our deep experience as both accountants and investors, to offer expert advice on tax planning strategies for crypto investing.

Paying close attention to the rapidly moving crypto sector, we offer an unparalleled level of insight into crypto investment and taxation – something you won’t find from any of the other accounting firms in Sydney.

In fact, we regularly liaise with ATO officials and Blockchain Australia, to keep our finger on the crypto pulse. Our accountants in Sydney are the first ones to find out what’s going to happen with the tax implications of crypto – and so are our clients.

If you’re just as passionate as we are about the opportunities presented by cryptocurrencies, contact the Valles accountants in Sydney today. We are not only tax accountants in Sydney, but we are also one of the most specialist tax accountant in Brisbane. Whether it is for your personal finances or for your business you run.

What Sets Valles Apart

What sets us apart from other accountants in Sydney? More than just numbers, we are passionate about the peace of mind that financial planning brings.

Our tax accountants in Sydney take the time to deep-dive and understand every aspect of your financial situation. Then we wrap this all together into a concrete strategy that can be rolled out to deliver tangible benefits.

Financial security is much easier to achieve if you’re not going it alone. To make the most informed financial decisions, for both your personal wealth and your businesses, you need to rely on the advice of professionals.

Valles Accountants in Sydney can help to identify the opportunities and threats facing your situation – both for now and for the future.

We are always the first to move. As well as strong foundations in traditional areas of accounting, our accountants in Sydney are well-versed in niche and emerging fields – such as cryptocurrency and blockchain compliance.

Valles are the accountants in Sydney who will see where the future is headed, uncover the opportunities and challenges along the way, and help shape your finances to meet the future head-on. How many other accounting firms in Sydney can offer that?

We pride ourselves on exceptional client relationships that last for decades. So why wait to safeguard your future?

What It Means to Be Our Client

35 years and still going strong – our clients recognise and trust in the quality of the work we do for them, and many of our client relations have lasted decades.

Our team of tax accountants in Sydney is made up of exceptionally hard-working and ethical individuals.

We’re proud to have developed such a strong reputation for customer service. So much so, that our accounting firm in Sydney is built around 5 values that are the foundations for how we service our clients.

  • Respect

    Whether organisation or individual, our accountants in Sydney treat each of our clients with respect – and this is the key that underpins our long history of success.

  • Transparency

    Our accounting firm in Sydney is built on communicating openly, honestly and with full transparency. We intend for you to understand so you can make informed choices.

  • Integrity

    Always acting with full integrity, our accountants in Sydney make choices that act in the best interests of our clients. We are proud to stand beside our decisions.

  • Ethics

    We incorporate ethical conduct into everything that we do, to keep our clients safe and fully informed of their financial options.

  • Empathy

    Our accountants in Sydney work with our clients so we can see from their point of view. Whatever your financial situation or goals, we will help you achieve them.

How Valles Can Help You

At Valles Accountants, our team is passionate about delivering financial support for the local community. Our accountants in Sydney can offer you simple assistance and actionable advice.

We work with individuals to invest for the future, manage superannuation contributions, and submit an individual tax return in Sydney. Our aim is to deliver a smart and sustainable way to manage your finances for true peace of mind.

Whether you’re a local community business or dynamic new startup, we ensure you remain tax-compliant as you expand. Working with Valles allows you to get on with what you do best – growing your business.

When you partner with our accountants in Sydney, we don’t simply offer generic, out-of-the-box solutions. We take the time to listen to your story, the needs of your business, and your financial circumstances.

Then, we create a range of custom strategies that help you take advantage of all the opportunities available to you, plan for a profitable future, and remain tax-compliant all the way.

Our accounting firm in Sydney takes a holistic approach to financial health. Our goal is to deliver smart and sustainable financial strategies which drive real growth. Every step of the way, we communicate with you at all times to maintain your confidence in our approach.

If you’re searching for financial assistance in any of the following areas, then make our Sydney accountants your first call.

  • Wills & Estates

    Our team knows how difficult a personal loss can be. For this reason, we’re the accountants that Sydney families trust to help with deceased estates. We can assist with tax and financial advisory services, whilst always remaining empathetic and understanding.

  • Restructuring

    Are you considering buying or selling a business? If so, first talk with our accounting firm in Sydney. Our restructuring services include dependable evaluations, tax compliance, and project planning. Actionable advice at this early stage can ensure the success of your business well into the future.

  • Crypto & Blockchain

    The Valles tax accountants in Sydney are passionate about the future of cryptocurrency and the opportunities it can deliver to our clients. We’ve spent years in the industry and draw upon a unique level of experience. We aim to keep you tax-compliant whilst capitalising on many of the market’s emerging opportunities.

  • Superannuation

    Our tax accountants in Sydney CBD work hard to ensure the future financial success of our clients. We aim to provide advice on super contributions, taxation and financial planning for the future. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your future financial freedom and the quality of retirement you deserve.

  • Corporate Advisory

    Our accountants in Sydney CBD offer corporate advisory services for the effective management of your businesses. As qualified chartered accountants, we can advise on the financial and tax implications of major business decisions, such as risk management, mergers and acquisitions.

  • Tax Compliance

    Need to submit your tax return in Sydney? Compliance is key – and 1st July is often too late to start putting your affairs in order. Our tax accountants in Sydney CBD will keep your taxes accurate and up-to-date, so submitting your return and staying compliant is easier than ever.

Supporting the Sydney Community

Valles Accountants in Sydney are proud to support the following charities. We believe they represent the very best of our city and the community we belong to.

For the tax insights to take your business and personal wealth to new heights, contact Valles Accountants in Sydney.


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